When Destiny is Chosen for You

five star

Legacy of The Wolf

Author:  Lori King

A school teacher with a tragic past who has overcome insurmountable odds against an illness and has suffered great heartache as a result.  She is unwilling to risk her heart on love again.

Two men, brothers, with a big secret, looking for their one true mate as destined to them by the fates. One a romantic and one a bit of a playboy, they are the balance to each other.

A chance meeting in a kindergarten, sparks immediately fly, the dance of love begins.  Not all of them wish to have their lives dictated by fate…are they ready to settle, can they overcome their fears and answer destiny’s call.  These are the questions that arise in your mind as you are drawn in to the story.

I truly love this story and the characters.  The plot and feelings that Shandi, Ryley and Rafe go through are totally believable and what you would expect under the circumstances.

The chemistry between all three is electric and keeps you wanting more.  The love scenes are super hot and well written.

You get drawn in to the story and the family of the Pack and can’t help but want to read more.  Lori is an outstanding writer and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the pack stories in this series will develop.  I cannot wait for the next book and recommend Legacy of the Wolf as a must read.


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